Struggling to manage your content on your Website?

Here at Modulus we offer some fantastic support with a lot of our content managed solutions which often means you don’t have to touch the content management system, we will do it for you, and because we know them well, we can do it very quick and advise on other options to enhance your presence […]

Windows 8 Defender not an ideal Antivirus… for me anyway

Here at Modulus I like to keep things safe and secure. And Antivirus plays an important part on that. So when the new Windows 8 came out end of last year, I busted out the Microsoft Partnership benefits and downloaded the in place upgrade. At this point I will suggest not to do this, but […]

Get your Blog working for you

Blogs have been around for what feels like the dawn of time. They are a great place to promote what you do, have a rant and share ideas for inspiration. Through doing this, they also provide a great way to help your Website in the search engine ranks. I use the word “help” very loosely. […]

Online Advertising vs. Offline Advertising

As I sit here I am wondering whether I should chase up the advert in the local paper and see if the format is right and find out how much it is going to cost, or whether or not I should un-pause my Google Adwords account and chase Yellow Pages about an online listing. My […]

Do you own your domain name or does your Web provider?

I have blogged about this before and I will blog about it again because more often that not I see businesses with an established Web presence and a great domain name, but they are not the registered owner of the domain name. It can often cause problems if the original Web development company close their […]

Do you have a cafe office?

If like me you have a home office, you will know that sometimes is just gets a little stuffy which turns into a lack of productivity. That is why right now I am sitting down at my local coffee shop slurping on a latte and doing what I can without mains power and a mouse. […]

The Takeover of Mobile Internet – a hypothesis or a trend? 2

I love propaganda, but that is not what this is. It is a fact that if your Website is not mobile friendly, you are going to lose out on business, particularly if you have an online shop. Now I love nopCommerce, it is a great solution for a cost effective way for businesses to bring […]

Cloud computing: At what point is it not cost effective?

I am a big fan of cloud computing, I leverage the power of Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud infrastructure and for me right now it is ideal. It provides a stable and cost effective means for me to deliver stable and cost effective solutions to my clients and gives me all the access to my server […]

Responsive web design

How many business owners really know what this means and how important it is for them to make sure their web presence is mobile friendly. Want to know what I am taking about when I say responsive design? Drop me a line.

Download your Website files to your computer

In a previous post - - I discussed the importance of staying in touch with your Web Developer. More often than not people lose the contact details or forget who actually built their site. Now, depending on your Website it may not be easy to get your hands on the source code files, especially if it […]