Selling Security and Compliance

I read an interesting article on how as an IT professional, you can sell security and compliance of your internal and external network infrastructure to stakeholders and management. It is all about how you sell it; Sales. Not everyone wants to hear that they need to spend more on security in their IT infrastructure, however, […]

Target Corporation Cyber Attack

I was talking with a friend and colleague of mine today who got in a panic about a major hack involving millions of credit cards being stolen via a simple malware-based approach. I never knew about it, so got reading and came to realise rather quickly that this is really quite a simple attack, however, […]

vaulnerabiliity and penetration testing

How secure is your company Website or network

OK, so first off I do apologise for the lack of posts, it has been a very busy time here at Modulus with all that has been going on in the online space, particularly around security and the privacy of your information and that of your customers. So, how secure is your Website and corporate […]

Digital Buzz » Infographic: 2013 Mobile Growth Statistics

Interesting little article on mobile stats. Like all stats, take what you will, but jut goes to show the recent shift of behavior and trends towards how we interact with the online world nowadays.

The Internet of Things

You get a message from your house that you needed to pick up some milk, toilet paper and coffee on your way home from work. Because you are running late you will have tome to stop at the discount supermarket before the next train and they have 2 of these 3 items on special today. […]

Search Engine Optimisation Tips and Techniques

OK, so I admit, even in writing this topic I am hoping this will provide me a little more traction on the search engines around search optimisation and web marketing. It is an aspect of what we do at after all! So what does it mean for you and your Website? In a nutshell, […]


You Tube 500 Internal Server Error

Not often this happens, but has my Ninjago obsessed 7 year old was trying to access some videos (wait a sec, I told him explicitly not to, but this is a different story), look what he came across… now it is not often this happens. Anyway, probably fixed by now…

Is your Website generating the results you expect?

Is your Website optimised for your market? Is it mobile friendly? Can you track your user flow throughout and see both strong and weak points through analytics? Sometimes you have to practice what you preach, so we have updated our own Website with a focus on getting our clients Websites working for them with the […]