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The stuff that doesn’t quite fit elsewhere

Backup the Backups

How often do you backup your computer? Even with the most obsessive backup plan there is no way to avokd something like the recent WannaCry work from making it’s way through all your backup media whether it is on the same network, a USB drive or off-site – depending on your off-site provider of course. […]

A new threat – JAFF Ransomware

OK, so we all had the news about WannaCry shoved in our faces, which is a good thing, however now that it is not headline news anymore does not mean you can let your guard down. There is yet another variant of your typical ransomware on the loose and given it has only come about […]

Do you have a cafe office?

If like me you have a home office, you will know that sometimes is just gets a little stuffy which turns into a lack of productivity. That is why right now I am sitting down at my local coffee shop slurping on a latte and doing what I can without mains power and a mouse. […]