Monthly Archives: August 2013

Cloud computing: At what point is it not cost effective?

I am a big fan of cloud computing, I leverage the power of Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud infrastructure and for me right now it is ideal. It provides a stable and cost effective means for me to deliver stable and cost effective solutions to my clients and gives me all the access to my server […]

Download your Website files to your computer

In a previous post - - I discussed the importance of staying in touch with your Web Developer. More often than not people lose the contact details or forget who actually built their site. Now, depending on your Website it may not be easy to get your hands on the source code files, especially if it […]

Is WordPress really a good CMS for your Website

Recently I have had a lot of requests to help clients with their Website… their WordPress Website. While WordPress is a great tool with some awesome features to get something up and running quickly and cheaply, is it really a Website Content Management System? Thanks to all the theme developers out there, a simple blog […]

3D printing demystified… for me at least

I just saw an article over here in New Zealand about a guy printing a replica of an Aston Martin using a Solidoodle 3D printer – cheap as chips! Check it out. If you have a spare $500 USD you can make “almost” anything.

Always stay in touch with your Web Developer

This is why it is always best to occasionally check your Web Developer is still alive or contactable, especially if you have entrusted them with everything to do with your online presence. Recently I was nominated to take on the redesign of the local Montessori preschool. Montessori is a great education style aimed at empowering […]