A new year, a new threat

Millions of computers in New Zealand will be affected by a newly discovered flaw in all Intel processors sold around the world over the past 10 years that could expose passwords and other sensitive data to hackers. The only solution appears to be a software fix that Intel admits could slow down some computing processes […]

Beware of this recent Facebook scam

A Facebook hack targeting New Zealand users has the ability to change their passwords. Facebook messaging services are being compromised to send a message to Facebook friends, claiming the account holder is in a YouTube video. The message reads: “It’s you [account holder's name]!”, or “Is this yours?” and could be mistaken for a harmless message. If clicked, […]

Major flaw threatens most WiFi Networks

Funnily enough I was just about to perform my monthly scan on the internal network and this popped up in one of my many security briefing newsfeeds. Now it seems my local mainstream online read has picked this up as well. This is very real and affects the very protocol of which your WiFi router […]

Are you a Vodafone email customer about to get ditched? Get Office365!

Recently Vodafone announced they were ditching it’s email service which will affect between 200,000 to 250,000 users. That is quite an impact! Are you affected by this and wondering where to now? No need to worry. Office365 to the rescue and we can help you migrate. Call us for a chat about how best to […]

Android users beware: Cloak and Dagger Exploit

If you are an Android then it seems there is a new, and relatively simple exploit out there in the wild. Read more about it on the link below, but more importantly, be very careful of exactly what apps you download. http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/android-cloak-and-dagger-vulnerability/

Backup the Backups

How often do you backup your computer? Even with the most obsessive backup plan there is no way to avokd something like the recent WannaCry work from making it’s way through all your backup media whether it is on the same network, a USB drive or off-site – depending on your off-site provider of course. […]

A new threat – JAFF Ransomware

OK, so we all had the news about WannaCry shoved in our faces, which is a good thing, however now that it is not headline news anymore does not mean you can let your guard down. There is yet another variant of your typical ransomware on the loose and given it has only come about […]

WordPress: powerful, yet vulnerable

Not to give this framework that powers much of the world’s Websites a bad rap, but at any one time there are around 1000 known direct or indirect vulnerabilities that are constantly being patched. So, if you have a WordPress Website, ALWAYS make sure it, and any plugins, are up to date with the latest […]

4 Information Security Risks coming in 2017

You would have to be living off the grid to not realise there are constant threats to not only your personal and financial information, but also to critical infrastructure and pretty much anything that is directly, or indirectly connected to the power of the Internet. 2017 sees the emergence of more regulations that could leave […]